+ Hardware

+ Software

+ Data Backup Schemes

+ Emergency Data Recovery

+ Consulting

Computer Hardware

Problem analysis for many kinds of computer equipment and accessories:

+ Desktop Computers

+ Laptop and Notebook Computers

+ Printers and Scanners

+ Wired and Wireless Routers

+ Gaming Devices

+ Multi-media/Entertainment Devices

Software Evaluation

Effective prescriptions for current and legacy operating systems and task-appropriate software solutions:

+ Mac OS 9 to OS X 10.6 (or newer)

+ Windows 98 to 7 (or newer)

+ Multimedia Apps

+ Business Accounting

+ Graphics, Web Authoring, Image Editing

+ Customer Database/Scheduling

Data Backup Schemes

Whether it's a photo album or favorite recipes, or mission-critical business data, losing it can be devastating. The Doctor will administer a backup scheme as simple as a single weekly CD burn, or as robust as a redundant on/off-site backup with a fast bootable option to keep you in business following a catastrophic data loss.

Emergency Data Recovery

Lacking a reliable backup scheme or confronted by a computer that that won't start up, data recovery may be your only option. However, data recovery is significantly more costly than a good backup scheme, and not always 100% successful.


Sometimes, the best medicine is advice. So call The Doctor before your system gets sick.

The GES+ Process

  1. Diagnose issues with your business or home computer systems.
  2. Prescribe effective treatments to improve operation and functionality.
  3. Recommend required staff and resources for successful implementation.
  4. Oversee implementation and assure that the cure is complete.