+ Hardware

+ Software

+ Data Backup Schemes

+ Emergency Data Recovery

+ Consulting

GES+ specializes in supporting:

+ Ad Agencies

+ Design Studios

+ Newspaper Publishers

+ Commercial Printers

+ Mac and Windows

Personal, Home Office, or Enterprise Level Patients Welcome

The Doctor treats all with the same level of service and commitment. Whether Mac or Windows, The Doctor will help you optimize your system's performance and output.

Needs Analysis

Business and home users have different computing requirements. For the casual Internet user or the Graphic Arts or other business professional, The Doctor will identify the most efficient and manageable solutions for your needs -- always within your budget.

Workflow Analysis

From diagnosis to cure, GES+ provides business professionals a reliable, cost-efficient, manageable, secure, and healthy data work flow.

Networking/Remote Access

Easy, affordable solutions (wired or wireless) for

+ A single secure Internet connection

+ Multiple secure connections

+ Cross-platform file sharing

+ Remote access operation of a computer

+ Off-site backup capabilities

Hardware Repairs

Most hardware ailments can be treated by a house call. No need to disassemble and disconnect your system and transport it to The Doctor's office. If your system does have to be hospitalized, pickup and delivery of the patient is FREE!

System Configuration and Implementation

Because GES+ is not in the computer hardware or software sales business, recommendations for such products are based solely on the merits and usage-appropriate features and benefits of each. Every system component will be prescribed based on your Needs Analysis.

Software Support/System Updates and Optimization

Your hardware is only as healthy as its operating system and installed software. Even a small bug can bring a strong, new computer to its knees. The Doctor will give your system and software a thorough check-up and make sure that all of your apps and utilities are compatible with each other. Plus he will prescribe a program of preventive medicine that will keep your system fit and well.

Prepress Support/Consulting

Over 25 years of curing equipment and technical ills for the printing industry, plus pre-digital age experience yields a deep understanding of the ends as well as the means. The Doctor's grasp of the results you you strive for means stronger medicine for process and workflow maladies.

Legacy Printing Equipment Repair and Maintenance

+ Itek 430 and Itek 615 camera repair.

+ Eskofot camera repair.

+ Bindery equipment repair.

+ Paper cutter - bookletmaker repair.

+ Film processor repair.

. Printer not responding. Can't print. Airport not connecting. What monitor will work with my computer. iChat. Instant Messenger.